Revolutionary high performance semantic NoSQL Enterprise Database Management System capable of handling Big Data - an innovative approach to 21st-century challenges.



We have taken many steps to make our database server one of the fastest available without sacrificing your data integrity.



It's difficult to integrate new software in existing environments; we have taken this challenge seriously.


Lock holding chains

We have taken many steps to ensure data integrity and enforce information security on our database server.


Software performance matters

Decision making in the modern world requires instant access to information flow. Don't fall behind your competitors because of slow software. Good software performance directly impacts your bottom line by decreasing business decision-making time and improving your knowledge workers’ performance.

SparkleDB was developed from the very beginning with performance in mind and utilizes a variety of sophisticated techniques to store and retrieve data efficiently.

Solve your Big Data problem

Facing a Big Data scenario? SparkleDB transparently scales horizontally to a distributed database, thus enabling the storage and retrieval of virtually unlimited amounts of information. Increase your competitive advantage and power your business by extracting economic value from large data sets. Leverage business operation decision making by gaining more domain knowledge.

Scale indefinitely

SparkleDB's distribution is transparent and acts as a single logical database unit, even though your network may consist of hundreds of computers located in the same physical location or geographically dispersed. Scale horizontally and achieve large-scale parallelism on inexpensive commodity hardware.

Scale autonomously

Are you currently hampered by the performance limits of your monolithic and centralized database? Are you tired of manually sharding your database to handle increasing demands? Save development and administration resources by letting SparkleDB autonomously scale the distributed database for you as it grows. Save infrastructure costs by starting off with a single SparkleDB database server and simply add more database servers when you need the additional performance. Scaling has never been easier!

No single point of failure

SparkleDB's data replication enables fault tolerance and improves reliability and accessibility. With SparkleDB you get automatic repair, fault isolation and containment of the failing component without taking the system offline. Durability features prevent further propagation of failures. Having high system availability reduces business loss and increases profitability.

Concurrent access and crash recovery

SparkleDB schedules concurrent access to the data in such a manner that users can think of the data as being accessed by only one user at a time . Furthermore, SparkleDB protects users from the effects of system failures.

Asynchronously distributed transactions

SparkleDB's enterprise-level database transaction manager can coordinate a transaction across multiple resources and maintain data integrity across the distributed database. With SparkleDB you can run concurrently executed distributed transactions in parallel.

Performance or persistence? Why not both?

We know that sometimes your main need is for reliable persistence of data whereas in other cases what you need most is maximum performance. We made SparkleDB both fully ACID and an in-memory database. We let you choose what you need and when you need it, so that now you can have both persistence and performance. Improve your competitiveness and reduce business decision-making time with real-time data.

Find the data that matter

Find the gold in your data with the world's most powerful declarative query language! SPARQL is not only an international standard, but also makes writing complex data queries easy. Increase your capacity for using data to improve business profitability.

SparkleDB can help you improve business performance in many ways. It can show you how to increase sales by facilitating a better understanding of customers and their needs, reduce inventory through a more detailed comprehension of demand patterns, and improve efficiency through better control of operations. A heuristic query optimizer reduces development time and improves query performance.

Run asynchronous distributed database queries and commands over loosely coupled sites that may not share any physical components.
data mining
Agile software development

Simplify the information integration process

SparkleDB's flexible and easy-to-evolve semantic data model allows you to efficiently integrate and mix structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Interlink people, organizations, and events or discover implicit links and relationships that improve your business domain knowledge.

Agile software development

Align your data with desired business needs and adapt easily to changing requirements throughout the process with SparkleDB's schema-less data model. Unlock the power of agile software development using dynamic programming languages in conjunction with dynamic interchange formats.

Connect your systems

Gain unified access to information with a simplified infrastructure based on open web standards. Run federated queries across solutions and allow for information interchange across a value chain as a heterogeneously distributed DBMS. Augment your existing IT assets and technologies without the need for disruptive replacements with a bottom-up or incremental integration. Align your legacy data silos and say goodbye to disconnected systems!

Reduce your application development time

SparkleDB supports many important functions that are common to various applications accessing data stored in the DBMS. This feature, in conjunction with the high-level data interface, facilitates quick development of applications. Such applications are also likely to be more robust than applications developed from scratch, because many important tasks are handled by the DBMS instead of being implemented by the application itself.

Easy data administration

When several users share the data, centralizing data administration through SparkleDB can offer significant improvements. Experienced professionals who understand the nature of the data being managed and how they are used by different groups of users can organize the data representation to minimize redundancy and adjust data storage processes to make retrieval efficient.

Use anywhere

Today, within almost any business or organization, you can find many different programming languages running on various operating systems. As a result, organizations need software that can operate seamlessly with all these systems.

SparkleDB meets this requirement and is compatible with most modern programming languages and operating systems. Save infrastructure, hiring, and retraining costs by utilizing your existing infrastructure and development resources.
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Your trust is honored

We know that our database server may become the central hub in your solution architecture, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

We have taken every step to ensure your data’s integrity by implementing software industry best practices. In the unfortunate case of a power outage, for example, our recovery manager automatically restores your data to their condition before the outage.


SparkleDB offer full data encryption with TLS/SSL. Use these industry-proven standards to protect the traffic between your servers, between the server and the clients, and between server nodes.

Easy access control

Your data are secure with SparkleDB, so you can comfortably give access to the people and groups whom you trust. Protect your sensitive data with ease.
Cloud security

International standards

Full implementation of W3 recommendations including RDF, RDF/XML, RDFS, SPARQL, SPARQL Protocol, and the SPARQL/Update 1.1 working draft.

International standards

High performance

All components have been made from the ground up in support of the primary project mission—which is to be the fastest ACID RDF database management system available.

High performance


Transparently scales from a single server to a distributed database capable of handling Big Data. Custom ODBC and JDBC drivers and a SPARQL Protocol HTTP endpoint make it easy to connect with most programming languages.



Currently developed and tested on Windows, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva. Other POSIX-compatible operating systems will be added in response to customer request.


User friendly

Write declarative queries with SPARQL. Custom query optimizer makes writing fast queries simple, even for beginners. User-friendly management console gives a graphical overview of the entire database system. Easy installation.

User friendly


Custom ACL-based access control system restricts database access for users and roles. Manage security through the management console.