Getting the Slazure license key by e-mail

After you have purchased Slazure online via our webshop, you will automatically recieve a Slazure license key sent via the e-mail you entered in the webshop.

Dear John Doe,

Your online order placed on on January 01, 2016 and processed by Avangate as the authorized vendor of SysSurge AS products, has been successfully completed (order reference number: 1234567). Please find below the license registration/activation information for the product you have ordered, Slazure roaming commercial license:


Activation key: 111111-222222-333333-444444-555555-666666

Please keep this email for future reference.

For product installation, activation and other technical support issues, please contact the software publisher:
SysSurge AS

To get further payment support for your purchase, please sign-up using your email address to Avangate myAccount at
With Avangate myAccount you can:

    * View order details and keep track of your online orders status
    * Gain instant access to your online shopping history
    * Re-download license keys/codes* and download invoices
    * Manage your subscription payments (auto-renewal), if your product supports such an option.
    * Renew the license of the purchased software when it expires
    * Find support contact details such as phone and email addresses of software
    * Download the installation files of the purchased software (if Download Insurance was also purchased with your product)

Thank you for shopping with us.

Best regards,
The Avangate Team

Avangate BV

Please note that the Slazure license key is called Activation Key in the e-mail that you recieve. In the example above, the license key is as follows:


Please note that the license key above is an example only and that your license key will look different.

Entering the license key into the license dialog form

Now that you have gotten and identified your Slazure license key you need to enter it into the Slazure license dialog window. Below is an example of how the Slazure license dialog looks like:


The Slazure license dialog will only pop up when you run a Slazure project from within Microsoft Visual Studio. Note: If you have not installed Slazure yet see the tutorial on how to install Slazure. In Visual Studio, the Slazure license dialog will automatically pop up once a week until the 30-day trial period has ended, once the trial period is ended the license dialog will always be displayed.

Please note that you can also force the Slazure license dialog to pop up if you don't want to wait, this can be achieved by adding & running the following C# code to your Visual Studio project:

// Force the Slazure license dialog to pop up
new SysSurge.Slazure.Core.License.LicenseManager().Run(true);

In the Slazure license dialog pop up window, you can enter the Slazure license key into the text box with the label "License key", here is an example of how this would look like:


Once you have entered your license key you should click the "Register key" button immidiately to the right of the license key text box, the button is circled in the example above.

After clicking the button you should get a confirmation dialog that Slazure has been registered successfully - if you are unsuccessful then contact

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